35.8333333 BREATHS

35.8333333 BREATHS

      (Title Note: 35.8333333 breaths is approximately how many you will take while at rest listening to this poem.)

It takes approximately 6 seconds to breathe in, and to breathe out.
Which means every 3 seconds we have the opportunity to start over.
Exhale all of our fears, our pain, our heartache,
to show love to all of that hurt, then let it go.

You, hold onto pain like a child clutches its mother
in a room full of strangers, and I, want to teach you
all I know about breathing, about the meditation between breaths,
about your skin the way I would imagine comfort feeling,
and you, in a room full of friends, unprovoked and brilliant, clutch my hand
as tears roll down your cheek. So we walk, talk all night,
while thinking of kissing where those tears fell, because I remember that feeling,
but your lips locked my vision as they parted,
your breath interrupted, the taste of moonlight
as it formed dew on my mustache, and your laughter,
maybe soon I’ll be visible.

I apologize, for the things I can’t control,
for the love I can’t heal, and for the complication
in my arms, the way they hold you the way
they’re designed to, the way I wanted to.
And I apologize that I am not perfect, that I can see pain first,
that I am often shy and will allow you to run away
without telling you, you are beautiful. My brain
stutters without reason or semblance of speed.
I can’t always give you the comfort you need,
due to my need for comfort, and that’s okay,
because each day we take approximately 28,800 breaths,
that’s 10,512,000 chances a year to choose to smile,
and imagine a better place, breathe each other in,
and breathe all of this out. So cheer up, I promise
it gets better. If you need proof, the sun is rising,
your friends are holding you, your bed is made,
and we all just smiled, because you did.

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