1. Light Breezes
I could barely breathe, though your laughter
warmed me to tears and holy shit you just
walked in the room. I don’t know if you’ve moved
on, if it’s she that now makes you happy,
assumptions of/in friendship, 20 years
outstanding physiological judgment
passed, communication one sided, on both sides.
I’m scared I have left your heart.

This use to be easy for us, you my tomato
my calm winter snowfall kept beneath my blankets.
I miss us. I still love you. How do I
honor that? How do I come down from that
mountain overwhelming, filled with love
and not cry in your arms the way I’m supposed to?
How if you’re within distance of my fingertips
do I not reach out to hold you?

We’re still breathing . . . so love me.

2. The Bunny’s Name is Paco!
The way I am. . .
What was I thinking about? The way
the cats come and go like train of
thought, sunk nestled on my shoulder
the remembrance of you, the love
they give me in loving memory of my
sorrow, like shut up and be, DAD,
presents from snail mailed lovers, elephants
journaling our embrace from miles apart,
the sun in red light, farm districts,
the comfort to tell me your loss,
and spoon feed me your soul, and my tomato,
I gave it to you, my heart, all of me,
Dominican winds from the west, pulling
me to the mountains in suspenders,
the potted plants as thanks, Buddhist prayer flags
kept in the right place, Tetris woven
into the headlights of oncoming traffic,
the apology I lacked in tears, because
all I wanted was your breath on the
back of my neck, dark figure in the
doorway, the bunny reminded me I
don’t know my weight in words, and
I don’t know your breath in verse, so
here’s mine. Love on top of love,
stitched with love, filled with love,
called love, in love, for love, and
all yours. I honor the place in you
which is of love, and light, and
peace, those smiles, that came straight
from your heart. You showed me, me,
healed, full, of garden fresh tea, me, in
love, ohh the love, like a little boy,
thank you.

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