Do I have to wait another week just to see you?

Dear, *sigh*


Have I mentioned how big of a fool I am? I’ve already forgotten

your name, and I wish I hadn’t forgotten your name, because I want

to tell you how beautiful you look when you wear your

vulnerability like a sunset, all transparent and toxic, and if I have

to ask your name again, I’ll have to wait to tell you, because I think

things like that are scary, and I don’t want to scare anyone, I just

want to love them. Have I mentioned how much of a mess I am,

how beautiful you look, how grateful I am to reach for this,

because I can’t and don’t have you, and for some reason that means

I’m able to write about it, like ex’s and the long time deceased.


I asked you your name then told you to have a nice night, as if to

say thanks but this conversation is over, and I didn’t want it to be

over, I just wanted you to have a good night, you make my heart

beat faster, I think about what your head feels like resting on it, and

whether or not you like holding hands, or if kisses from you taste

like rem sleep?


I write old stories like storms, my voice is a warning siren, but my

arms are the prayers for relief. I’m sick of apologizing in advance,

so I won’t. What’s your name again? Has anyone ever told you,

you look like a sunset?


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