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Synonyms for Sensitive, after Shira Erlichman.

So I took this class, RAPT Attention, with this amazing woman Shira Erlichman, who had became one of my favorite poets a little over 2 years ago when she read in the berkshires. She signed my book with this message of acknowledging my true self, which had been a hot topic earlier that day for me, and continues to be. On our 5th of 6 classes my homework was to write down synonyms for weight. Long story short, I never finished the writing. In class I wrote 50 synonyms for vulnerability. Together we chose the words that jumped out at us, resonated in some way, or even just looked good next to each other. Before I knew it Shira had restructured me on paper. There I was, fully exposed, honored, feeling seen and met. This time by myself. It’s hard to call this my work, my poem, because it was her process that help me see me on that page. Honestly it will be hard to own my writing from here on out. She has become such a wonderful part of the process, guiding me through motion and self care, in my practice as a writer, and simply as a person. I am grateful to know her and have her voice present, no matter where I go.

All this to say, I submitted “Synonyms for Sensitive, after Shira Erlichman” to Quiet Lightning to be printed in the special National Poetry Slam edition of Sparkle + Blink, and out of however many submissions I am 1 of 11 writers (so it seems) to be selected!! There will be a Literary Mix Tape reading on August 9th at the Courtyard Marriott Oakland.

What a way to start my journey! I feel true joy to have spent this time with Shira, and will be taking more classes in the future. So much love for her!

p.s. – This is not even the testimonial for the class. This is just all my love for one of the most beautiful, and inspirational humans I have ever met. Y’all should take one of her classes.

So here it is.

Synonyms for Sensitive, after Shira Erlichman.

exposed, open,


raw, tender,

alone, sticky, enormous,


but-this-is-me, over share,

permission, boundaries,


blessing untamed,


rain storm lover,

squishy, sore, dirty windows,

willingness, present,

distant, me.