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Sending Love

Hey yall, I know this isn’t poetry(there is a poem about her on this blog though), but this is my wonderful friend Adriana and she needs your help achieving a goal.

Naturopaths Without Borders is a way to educate communities about preventative and natural medicines, such as nutrition, noninvasive natural treatments, and garden grown medicines(among other things). Her goal is to go to Haiti, where Naturopathy is a far more affordable option than traditional western medicine, and provide the care and education to care for oneself to its communities. Far too often proper health and nutrition can be traced to the root of problems, and NWB can help to change that. I believe in Adriana and the journey she is on. Her spirit along can change the world.

Every little bit helps, even sharing this post with friends! Thank you for taking the time to listen. I could not figure out how to embed the widget so I have included the link to the site and the video. Take good care.